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Crew Presidential Advance Team

Shannon Dewitt

President & Founder

Shannon's flight path began after a trip in 2003 to Guatemala when he escorted aid to a small village. After he saw how people were living it ignited a new focus to aid people in extreme poverty. For Shannon, the true journey of living a full and meaningful life started when his fellow crew members began his quest. Through their combined efforts and Shannon's tenacious organization skills and wit, they traveled to the front lines of disasters around the world, to help and learn (Click here). They continue working on special projects globally and in their own communities. With one project in the Dominican Republic, the crew provided Hurricane relief aid to over 10,000 families.

Over time, Shannon developed an understanding of the importance of legislative action (Click here) centering around Capitol Hill and the role the United States to create and maintain stability around the world while promoting Democracy. Shannon began to lobby on the Hill and helped to get Billions in Emergency Food Aid passed through Congress. Shannon was introduced to and served, at the request of an Ambassador on special committees in DC, in the Foreign Affairs Delegation, where he traveled with a team abroad and learned more about the diverse cultures and needs around the world. Shannon has also served the Puerto Rican Federal Affairs Administration (PRFAA) in a volunteering service capacity. Lima, Peru government photo.

Shannon has been noted as an award-winning author starting as far back to his high school years (Click here). Overcoming personal challenges that gave him the energy to excel; despite his Dyslexia, he overcame and excelled completing his Masters in Leadership. His ability to confront adversity has helped him empower thousands to work to improve the lives of others in difficult situations. Shannon has published numerous articles (Click here) such as notable, exclusive interviews with some of aviation's greatest including William Boeing Jr. —Son of the founder of Boeing—and Joe Sutter—Engineer of the 737 & 747 AC. Official Boeing photo, Shannon Dewitt with Joe Sutter.

As a member of the media, Shannon is also a frequent at The White House and has the privilege of attending presidential events and witnessing White House history unfold in person. Shannon has a passion for aviation and has great respect for all it can do. Shannon's first flight attendant uniform at 19 years old in addition to a variety of specific uniform and key items are in preserve at the Smithsonian for future generations to partake in crew culture. Crew Presidential works in conjunction with museums to maintain our current aviation artifacts and aircraft that hold a special place in crew hearts, memories and inspiring thoughts. In 2016, Shannon was awarded the prestigious honor of Flight Attendant of the Year. In 2017, Shannon was honored with a Certificate of Congratulations from Los Angeles, California, and the Universidad Las Américas in Lima, Peru, South America.

Through Crew Presidential the team supports the aviation industry and all the good it helps facilitate around the world!

Special note of thanks to my mother, Cindy, who taught me how to be a true humanitarian to change the world. Mom and I in my early flying days.