We the Crew...

Our Journey to the Creation of Crew Presidential in 2015

Crew Presidential founders have gained experience working with many organizations that inspired us to spread our wings and create our own non profit Crew Presidential.

2014 - Present

  • Crew Presidential officially becomes a 501(c)(3) non profit organization.
  • Operation Home Sweet Home - Original CP crew project.*
  • Air Hollywood, Open Sky For Autism, Flight Path Museum Exhibit (Spirit Airlines Uniforms).
  • Cuba cultural trip with Mariela Castro in Censex the National center for sexual education (RWF).
  • Fiji special school Christmas event.
  • Educational book donations to Dominican Republic, Fiji, United States, Haiti, Uruguay, Guatemala, and Peru.
  • Supporting Pulse survivors to give them a voice.
  • Supporting Gun Safety Campaign, Washington DC (Met With Nancy Pelosi and Members of Congress)
  • Reflections of Pulse Last Nightclub in Orlando, The Walls Last Memorias, Los Angeles, CA (View Flyer)
  • Crew Presidential officially becomes a 501(c)(3) non profit organization.

2010- 2013

  • CP Crew with Haitian Ambassador in Washington D.C. have aide released.
  • Volunteered and help pack aid for Haiti.
  • Initiated a donation of over one hundred thousand dollars in medical supplies and coordinated donated shipping.
  • CP Crew volunteered at fundraisers in D.C. with Sean Penn and Ambassador Raymond Joseph.
  • Attended events that supported the recovery and new leadership for Haiti.
  • Went on a special trip with Kool & The Gang to Haiti to see special projects with the Ambassador's wife Madam Lola Poisson.
  • CP Crew flew on charter flight three days after earthquake to bring in doctors and nurses.
  • CP Crew helped evacuate people on a flight three days after the earthquake from Haiti to Curacao.
  • CP Crew worked directly with community leaders and was able to learn from this experience to help and what it is like to live on the side of a trash dump.
  • Hand delivered with partners over a three week period of canned food, hygiene kits, orphanage modules, school kits, newborn kits, blankets, toy modules and quilts.
  • City Furniture donated; needed beds for one of the poorest areas of the Dominican Republic after homes were flooded and belongings destroyed.


  • With our presence we lifted spirits and provided hope while establishing lifetime connections with the people in Peru.
  • Needed help so aid was sent from South Florida to Lima 24 hours after the earthquake.
  • Adopted a community in Chincha, Peru and delivered cooking grills sponsored by crew.
  • Cooked, funded and prepared meals in southern Peru for over 400 people on multiple trips.
  • Helped with emergency front line food distribution in southern Peru.
  • CP Crew with nursing qualifications worked with Peruvian Government for health assessments.
  • Coordinated Peruvian music performers with Illay Andino with art events to help with recovery efforts for the people of Peru.
  • Coordinated a 5,000 lb pallet of newborn kits and hand-delivered supplies to villages with crew.
  • Lima- CP Crew organized Christmas Event with $42,000.00 in donated decorations and toys for Peruvian families.

*Our CP team's original program- Operation Home Sweet Home is an ongoing effort to hand deliver thousands of doughnuts to Service Members overseas. While overseas we fund and cook Home Cooked Meals for hundreds of Service Members. Our Event has evolved into an annual event beginning in Miami with the gracious support of the Miami and Ft Lauderdale Veterans, Community leaders, Krispy Kreme and the Military. Guest and participants who've attended our events have been WWI Veterans, U.S. Southern Command Chaplain Lt. Col Marvin Williams, Beverly Reposa (Eastern 401 Survivor), and German Consul General Eva Countless Kenedeffy to name a few. Please see our videos from NBC, and CNN Headline News from Operation Home Sweet Home.

Kids for Kids Crafting Borders - Founder Laura Reyes

Spirit News Desk, Week of 11/22/17 from Spirit LiNK Communications on Vimeo.