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Crew Presidential
Delivering Care Packages

Through monetary donations, we are able to build and hand deliver care packages to others in need throughout the world. It is only through the generous support of others that we are able to utilize our passion and drive to provide assistance not only to individuals and families, but to other organizations as well.

How We Help and Get Results

We are proactive about helping others, using our skills, abilities, and actions to make a difference where we can. Prior to doing anything, we go on a discovery mission to understand more about the project, learn about the international community we will be helping, and find out how we can best contribute for results.

Our Current Projects

• Air Hollywood Open Sky for Autism Los Angeles

Upcoming Trips

• Los Angeles, CA

• France

How We Help

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Help Us Achieve Results 

Utilizing generous monetary donations, Crew Presidential as a 501(c)(3), is able to create care packages and hand deliver them to people with various needs all around the world.